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Mas Chingon Detailing

Mas Chingon Ultimate Compound

Mas Chingon Ultimate Compound

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Mas Chingon Ultimate Compound is designed to remove heavy swirls, clear coat scratches, oxidation and scuff marks.  The micro abrasives bite and remove paint damage fast and easy on any clear coat, gel coat and single stage paint, the micro abrasives are capable of removing 1500 grit sandpaper cutting and leveling paint finish like butter. The unique formula allows the user to have full control of any paint work. ; Mas Chingon Ultimate Compound works perfectly with wool, foam and microfiber disk.  To maximize the cutting capabilities it is recommended to use a microfiber cutting disk.


Shake product before using, apply 3 to 5 small dots the size of a dime onto the cutting disk, spread the product on low setting, once the product is nicely spread increase to 3-4 speed setting on DA polisher Rotary polisher increase from 900 rpm to 1200 rpm, repeat the process until desired finish (for best results follow with a light polish).

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