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Mas Chingon Detailing

Mas Chingon La Toxica

Mas Chingon La Toxica

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La Toxica Air Freshener is formulated to keep your vehicle smelling great with sweet notes of vanilla and a dash of spice. This Air Freshener not only neutralizes but actually eliminates strong bad odors. Undesirable smells cling deep into the fibers of the fabric in your vehicle’s roof, seats and carpet making it hard to get rid of them but not impossible. Something most people don’t know is that bad odors also cling to the cabin air filter. 


Shake well – Clean and vacuum any dirt and large debris that may be causing odors - Lightly mist in desired area. Enjoy the fresh breeze scent for weeks – Perfect for pet areas, automobiles, home, office, restroom, garage, gym bags, and more.

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