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Mas Chingon Detailing

Mas Chingon High Gloss Spray Sealant

Mas Chingon High Gloss Spray Sealant

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Mas Chingon is a unique spray detailer with the highest gloss enhancers available for your all color vehicle, Mas Chingon gives a slick finish and eliminates static to prevent dust from sticking to your vehicle.  Mas Chingon is a unique premium and  exclusive detailer for all color vehicles just spray and wipe and watch the magic.  Mas Chingon can be used as a drying aid to prevent and minimize swirls and light scratches to the paint just spray before you dry and get the ultimate shine.


Spray and wipe to remove light dust or finger prints.
When using as a new protectant layer use after you wash, clay, polish and panel prep the surface for better results.
Note: After you clean the surface is recommended to use Wax and sealant to a higher protection and prevent exposure to the bare clean area.

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