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Mas Chingon Detailing

Mas Chingon Fine Leather Conditioner

Mas Chingon Fine Leather Conditioner

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Mas Chingon Fne Leather Conditioner protects and restores leather back to original condition. The all natural leather conditioner works on leather seats, door panels, steering wheels, shift knobs, boots, wallets, belts, jackets and more.  Mas Chingon Fine Leather Conditioner Treatment contains no harsh chemicals and its safe for all types of leather.


Start by cleaning dirt, grease, and body oils from leather surfaces with Leather Cleaner.  After leather is clean, spread 1 - 3 lines of product on a premium microfiber applicator pad.  Spread cream evenly over the workpiece, then massage deep into the hide like rubbing lotion into the skin Buff off any excess product.

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