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Mas Chingon Detailing

Mas Chingon Chenille Wash Mitt

Mas Chingon Chenille Wash Mitt

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The Chenille Car Wash Mitt is made with premium 70/30 blended microfiber for extra-soft cleaning and wiping. Every fiber acts like a velcro hook and loop material, trapping and holding abrasive dirt and filth deep within the pile. This process insulates particles from paintwork, drastically reducing the chances of swirls or scratches.

  • Chenille Wash Mitt is a wearable microfiber mitt that gently traps and removes dirt and abrasives on any exterior surface. 
  • Ultra-absorbent microfiber material holds tons of soap and suds
  • Drastically reduces the chances of scratching
  • Traps dirt and debris deep inside the microfiber
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